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Therapeutic Exercises

We provide therapeutic exercises to help the patients in restoring and maintaining their muscular strength. It involves a wide range of physical activities that will help our patients in endurance, stability, balance and flexibility. These exercises will help the injured patients return to a pain-free state.

Who Is It For?

Our therapeutic exercises services are available for all injured patients who want to return to a pain-free and fully functioning state.

How Does It Work?

Each patient will first be monitored and evaluated by a physical therapist. The therapist will go over the medical history of the patient and assess their current physical condition. Then, the therapist will plan treatment for the patient according to the individual’s needs. It will be a slowly progressing exercise program. The therapist will be modifying the plan for the patient by changing the exercises based on the client’s progress.

Objectives of Therapeutic Exercises:

• It helps to reduce body pain and inflammation.
• Regains the range of motion.
• Rebuilds muscle strength.
• Helps the patient in rebuilding body endurance.
Exercises included in the Therapeutic Program
Following are some of the exercises which are included in the therapeutic program depending on the patient’s condition and needs:
• Strengthening exercises: Heavy resistance and loads are used. The patients will have to do a few repetitions to strengthen their muscles.
• Endurance exercises: It will involve large muscle groups.
• Flexibility exercises: Patients will be helped by allowing them to stretch and move their body. Their bodies will be able to be flexible again.
• Balance and coordination exercises: These exercises will help the patients in regaining or maintaining their centre of gravity so that they can move around on their own and so that they don’t fall when they are not under supervision.