Licensed Chiropractor – Brockton / Mattapan, MA

Massage Therapy

We offer our massage therapy services to help our patients relieve pain. It is used to help manage a health condition by manipulating the body’s soft tissues. There are different techniques through which massage therapy is practised. Swedish massage is the most common styles of massage and is used in most Western countries. There is another type of massage also known as clinical massage, which is used to help release muscle spasms.

Benefits of Massage Therapy

There are several benefits of massage therapy. It can be used to help patients relieve pain in different parts of their body such as lower back, shoulder, knee and head. It is observed that massage therapy can also be used to help cancer patients relieve some of their pain. Massaging premature babies can also improve their weight gain. It can also help in stress and depression reduction.

Risks of Massage Therapy

There are not many harmful effects of massage therapy; however, on rare occasions, some patients tend to get a nerve injury or blood clot. Elderly patients should avoid getting a deep tissue massage.

How Does It Work?

The massage therapist uses different essential oils and rubs them on the skin of the patient where there is a pain. The therapist would apply pressure to certain points and move his hands on the skin of the patient in circular motions to help relieve pain. Massage therapy is known to help patients with pain and anxiety. When working with cancer patients, the therapists need to be careful and not apply too much pressure as their skin is sensitive as compared to other patients.