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Physical Therapy

Physical rehabilitation is a branch of medicine that helps in enhancing and restoring the functional ability of patients who have physical disabilities or impairments. Our team of qualified physiotherapists provides their services to help patients get physically fit again. Patients who have a serious injury tend to get physical therapy services. Our physiotherapists will assess and monitor each case separately and prepare a personalized exercise program for each patient based on their condition. They will diagnose your problem after a postural and biochemical assessment. This treatment will help you to return to your normal functional activities and allow you to stay healthy.

Who Is It For?

Physical therapy is for those people who have a physical impairment or disability. It can help in treating people with injuries to their bones, muscles, nervous system or ligaments. Mostly, patients with an amputation, stroke, spinal cord injury or traumatic brain injury tend to opt for physical rehabilitation services. There are other disabling conditions such as pain syndromes, joint injuries, muscle injuries and non-healing wounds that can also be treated through physical rehabilitation.

Benefits of Physical Therapy

The basic aim of physical rehabilitation is to help a patient to function optimally regardless of the limitations that are placed on him/her due to a disease or disabling impairment. The focus is not to completely restore the functionality, but to optimize the quality of life for those patients who cannot achieve a full restoration.

How Does It Work?

Our clinical care team will assess and monitor the patient’s condition and set a goal towards which they will help the patient reach. A series of exercises, medicines, therapies and a special diet will be set out for the patient.